From clinical trials to digital healthcare

Welcome to SDG Translations!

Looking for reliable translations for your medical communications? Then you’re at the right address. I translate from English into German and specialise in the whole spectrum from clinical development to digital healthcare.

Backed by over 20 years’ experience, my linguistic services cover a wide range of documents, e.g. protocols for clinical trials, SmPCs and PILs, detail aids, educational materials for patients and interview guides for pharmaceutical research studies as well as content for healthcare apps and medical websites.

Amongst my clients are renowned contract research organisations and non-profit foundations as well as pharmaceutical companies and market research agencies focussed on the medical field.

The package information leaflet for a newly approved medication needs to be translated? Or a substantial amendment to the protocol of an ongoing clinical trial? Or perhaps new research findings about a condition that has so far been difficult to treat? I can help – with proficient translations you can depend on.

To find out more about my services and myself, please take a tour around the website – or simply get in touch.

SDG Translations
Medical communication with clinical precision.